Facilities and Services


Radiation Measurement Laboratory

This facility is equipped with radiation detectors, spectrometer for high resolution spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence analysis (using both isotope sources and tube excitation), air samples for environmental monitoring.

Instrumentation Laboratory
This laboratory was established as part of the Agency assisted TC Project for Nuclear Instruments Repairs and Maintenance. It is provided with accessories equipment and tools required for a repair work. It is also capable of fabricating some nuclear related electronic modules.

Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory
The equipment used are TLD card readers and monitoring devices also provided by the Agency. It is providing dosimetry services for more than 440 radiation workers from 35 different government departments, but only occasionally for the public sector. The DAE is extending personnel dosimetry services to the radiation workers on nation level. The number of radiation has increased during the last three years. The TLD badges are distributed to the workers to wear during their duty hours and checked the exposure dosage for every two months. Dosages of workers are recorded.

Gamma Irradiation Facility
A 12,000 curies Cobalt gamma chamber (Gamma 5000 from BRIT, India) has been installed in 2000. It is providing irradiation for sterilization of tissues from Tissues Bank (also an IAEA undertaking). Irradiation for research including agriculture is just beginning.

Non Destructive Testing Laboratory
An agency assisted project to establish an NDT laboratory started in 1995-96 in MSTRD. The facilities include Cs-137 Gamma radiography, x-ray radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic and dye-penetrant testing.