Myanmar’s Dairy Farmers Benefit from Cattle Breeding Programme Using Nuclear-based Techniques

Lay Htaung Kan Village, Myanmar – Small scale dairy farmer Zaw Oo from this village in southern Myanmar may seem an unlikely beneficiary of nuclear science. But an isotopic technique used to breed more productive dairy cows at lower costs has enabled him to escape poverty and build a better future for his three children.

His life changed in 2014, thanks to Oo’s participation in an artificial insemination scheme, sponsored by the local dairy company that buys his milk. Switching to the use of artificial semen to fertilize his cows has allowed Oo to sell his bulls and save 600,000 kyat (US $500) a month in fodder costs as a result. It has also freed up space in his tiny farmstead for more cows. Having invested his savings in additional cows, Oo has moved from subsistence farming to building a small business To read More